Ana Forrest Is The Real Deal

Ana Tiger Forrest has a fierce gaze. She does not skim the surface. She cuts right to the core. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a harder badass in my life.


She came to Bombsheller for a photo shoot this month with José Calarco, her partner in business and life. Together they created three new designs with artist Pedro Diniz, based on the artwork of the aboriginal tribes José has spent the last 30 years with in Australia. José is the founder of Descendance, a dance company that puts aboriginal culture on the national stage and advocates for their human rights. Since coming into each other’s lives, Ana and José have blended their pursuits, combining aboriginal music and culture with Forrest yoga poses. I went to the series of workshops they taught in Seattle, and I can say with the conviction of first hand experience that they are the real deal.

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What makes Forrest yoga interesting to Bombsheller is the emphasis on thinking for yourself. Rather than passively accepting traditions handed down from a different era, Ana Forrest pushes yoga forward because she believes practices are meant to evolve to serve people’s lives as they are now. Developed in the 1970s, Forrest yoga is unique for addressing the particular neuroses of the 21st century. The poses and cues are made for people with messed up necks and wrists who have learned pay more attention to their computers than their own bodies. Native American ceremonies and aboriginal wisdom are purposely woven through to remind students of their connection to earth and restore harmony to our frazzled, distracted minds. José brings music and rhythm to the practice to both deepen and elevate the experience.


Her own practice has evolved over time, most significantly to incorporate the aboriginal teachings brought in by José. Together they travel the world, teaching and singing, with the hope of propelling transformation in as many lives as possible. In their own words, the combined world of Descendance and Forrest yoga is a place of adventure, healing, culture, music, and learning to love again. Who wouldn’t want to live there?


The three designs in their collection are full of color and stories intended to make your heart sing. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair, ditch your old habits, and start living your fullest life right now.

Bombsheller In The News

Our founder Pablos Holman gave an interview to Aaron Frank at Singularity University on our production practices and the future of manufacturing.

“We put everyone in one building. Our web team, marketing team, the photographers, and the manufacturing team are all in the same place. So, if we need to change something — we just change it, and it takes twenty minutes.”

The way Bombsheller makes its products is also similar to the way software companies build services.

“If you’re Snapchat, you’re probably shipping a new version of your service every day to see what customers like. The way we make our clothing, we can do the same thing. We can send a new version every day and only sell what a customer wants.”

This made-to-order system has only recently become possible now that a suite of new technologies are transforming the apparel landscape. For example, the old apparel industry never had the internet, a technology that many forget is only a few decades old. “No one should take for granted that I now have a way of talking directly to my customers,” Holman says.

Read the full article at Singularity HUB.

Bombsheller Is Hiring

That’s right! We need a new team member to be our Community Manager.

We are looking for someone to handle communications with our customers and fans. We have a small, enthusiastic community of die-hard early adopters and we need someone to foster this community and work on bringing more people into the fold.

You will:

  • respond to emails about size, style, and company practices
  • respond to comments on social media
  • be present at any marketing or product development events (like Fitting Parties and Sample Sales)
  • be expected to learn every aspect of the company so you can communicate with customers in an informed fashion

You are a genuine extrovert and unfailingly polite. You have impeccable listening and writing skills. You are respectful of diverse groups of people. You enjoy spending hours scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. You wear leggings (pretty important).

If this photo looks like fun to you, that’s a good sign.



This is a part-time job, 10-15 hours a week, 2-3 hours every day. You need a smartphone and your own laptop.

To be considered, please send us two writing samples.

  1. Explain the difference between a web browser and an operating system.
  2. Explain to a friend why you cannot attend their wedding.

Email your application to to be considered.

Best Booty Moments of 2016

We’re only half way through 2016, but there have already been so many ass-tastic moments this year! Let’s count them down in honor of our favorite holiday #NationalButtDay.

1. Aussie fighter Million Dollar Bibi getting cheeky with Arnie at the Arnold Classic in Ohio.

2. Brandon Morrison of Lift Big Eat Big is a certifiable centerfold.


3. Non-Compliant booty. Look, but definitely don’t touch. Actually, don’t even look too long. She’s dangerous.


Summer 2016 Trend Report!

We always get stuck in creative ruts. Here’s a quick list of this summer’s trends in graphic prints to spur on the designing of your next best-selling pair of leggings! As always, design and wear whatever you want. This is here to help with inspiration to end your struggle with pesky designer’s block. Happy designing!


Summer 2016 Graphics Trend Report



June Leaderboards

Update: Plus Size Catalog Model

The latest installment of our extended sizes project is ready for launch: the catalog render!


Left: New model! Right: Original model

Since releasing the collection of 3X and 4X designs, we’ve been working to create a model that more accurately represented these designs on a larger body. This render has rounder hips, thighs and calves, and it reflects the graphics of a size 3X product. We still have work ahead of us moving designs onto the new model, but when they’re in place you’ll be able to see the bigger model by selecting size 3X or above from the dropdown menu. Best of all, we are debuting the new catalog model with #TriEchinopsis by Valerie Sagun, the inspirational force that is Big Gal Yoga! Valerie teaches classes in Yoga For All Bodies in the Bay Area, and you can follow her on Instagram for more body positive badassery.