Extending our Size Range: Where We’re At

Over the past few months, Bombsheller has been jamming away on making our leggings available in more sizes. We’ve laid some of the groundwork, but we still have a long way to go before our plus sizes measure up to our sky-high standards for comfort and fit. For those of you following along at home, here’s the low-down on what we’re doing to create the plus-sized leggings of our dreams.

leggings, bombsheller, women's leggings, tights

The Bombsheller team gearing up to measure folks at our first fitting party.

When we developed our standard size range, we measured tons of people to see how the leggings fit, felt, and moved on different bodies. Then, we took that data and used it to create our sizing chart and refine the template that artists use to submit designs to us. It took us an entire year to come up with a fit and sizing model we really felt good about.

Now that we’re ready to extend our size offering, we need to collect a lot of new data. Regardless of size, no two humans are the same, but larger bodies are even more unique in that they come in a greater variety of shapes. Refinery29 pointed out a while ago that this is why so many traditional fashion companies make their samples in tiny sizes: it’s easier to design for a 2D body (or a hanger) than for a 3D one.

In our case, we’re really excited about making apparel that will be supremely gorgeous on every body out there, and we want to do it right. We started by having some great conversations with plus-size fashionistas about their shopping experiences and the challenge of finding clothes to fit their unique styles and bodies. These ladies were extremely generous with their insights and openness. Some of them were even willing to come down to the Bombshelter and test out our prototypes.

Bombsheller, leggings, women's leggings, plus size leggings, tights

These gorgeous Bombshells came down to help us test out our first plus-size prototypes.

So where are we now? We need more measurements and more testing before we’ll be able to update our sizing chart and design template. This is where we need some help.

Are you a plus-size leggings-enthusiast? You can sign up for our plus-size email list to stay informed about the developments we’re making in our mission. Are you in Seattle, too? Let us know! We’ll keep you in the loop about our next plus-size fitting party.

Our customers deserve the most luscious leggings in the universe. We’re really grateful that our fans are patient and willing to help us as we make them reality.

by Amanda