Halloween Leggings: DIY Steampunk Style

Continuing our quest to create amazing (and comfy) leggings-inspired Halloween costumes, we turn once again to the world of speculative fiction for ideas. This time, we swapped space travel for steampunk and came up with this quasi-Victorian ensemble, complete with top hat, lace-up boots, and a killer DIY bustle made by our model Cybele!

halloween, leggings, bombsheller, diy, steampunk, tights

Pistons, sprockets, laces, and waistcoats. Who knew spandex could be steampunk?

What would a steampunk outfit be without mechanical workings like cogs and pistons? We got our sprocket fix from these industrially cool #Gears leggings in rusty by graphic artist Philip Bedard. Paired with this DIY Burlesque Bustle Skirt, which Cybele made thanks to Cut Out and Keep, this is an anachronistically cool costume that will keep you warm and cozy while you’re out trick-or-treating.

For those of you who prefer your #Gears more cyborg than steampunk (or if sepia tone is just too cheerful for you), they’re also available in monochrome gray!

by Amanda