Fabric Fatale: A Love Story

Fabric Fatale – (n.) /ˈfabrik fəˈtɑːl/

  • sumptuous Italian-made sports fabric, most commonly used in Bombsheller leggings
  • ultra-breathable and moisture wicking
  • SPF 50+
  • bluesign certified
  • may cause superpowers to emerge in some wearers
Bombsheller, Leggings, tights, fabric, spandex

Our seamstress Kesha making sewing magic happen.

Oh sweet, stretchy spandex. How do we love thee? There are so many reasons to love this versatile, ultra-comfy material. Combined with a sturdy cotton fiber, a drop of spandex makes your favorite jeans delightfully pliable. Without spandex, workout clothes would be drastically different and the ’80s probably would have been way less fun.

We’re a little biased though, and believe that not all elastic fabrics are created equal. When it came time to find a material for our leggings, it took us a while to find something that we really fell for.

Bombsheller, Leggings, tights, fabric, spandex

Fabric Fatale is always ready for the closeup.

When we went to Italy and found Fabric Fatale, it was love at first touch. This four-way stretch polyester/spandex blend was lusciously soft and smooth. It was thick and totally opaque, even when we pulled and stretched it in every direction, an essential criterion for our booty-hugging apparel.

It was, in a word, perfect.

Bombsheller, Leggings, tights, fabric, spandex, mermaid

Fabric Fatale is printed and sliced.

Fabric Fatale is made in Italy. We looked there because Italy has been making the best fabrics in the world for generations (and they have the highly skilled workforce to prove it). It’s not surprising that, with easy access to such amazing materials, so many of the world’s top fashion designers are Italian.

Part of our prime directive is to make our production process as environmentally sustainable as possible, so we sourced our fabric from a bluesign certified facility. This means that the factory adheres to a strict set of rules that aim to:

  • reduce environmental impact
  • minimize waste and emissions
  • ensure worker and consumer safety.

To which we say, “Aw yiss.”

Bombsheller, cake, Leggings, tights, fabric, spandex

Here’s a closeup of the waistband once the fabric’s been printed and sewn.

Bombsheller was founded by dancers, so picking out a fabric that was engineered for athletes was a no brainer. The material is super durable, wicks away moisture, and will protect your skin from the sun. (So many reasons to love this stuff.)

Bombsheller, Leggings, tights, fabric, spandex, maps, athlete

by Amanda