The Yogi Behind the Leggings: Ranny Kang

Ranny Kang is the final Bombshell from our yoga lookbook, Muscle & Flow. This lady is a powerhouse who believes that health and wellness is about much more than time spent in the gym.

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

Name: Ranny Kang

Years Practicing Yoga: 6

Favorite Asana: Anything with a backbend

Seen Here Wearing: #Intersect by Ivy Chen

“I’ve been doing yoga for six years, teaching for two and practicing yoga, both intentionally and mostly unintentionally, my entire life,” says Ranny. “It started out as a physical thing, a perfect complement to my workouts and long runs.” Eventually, Ranny found a home studio, Expand Yoga, in Tacoma. “I went from doing yoga to practicing yoga. My physical practice became an all encompassing practice. Something that I do both on and off the mat.”

“My yoga practice is what allows me to be bigger than myself while keeping me grounded. It takes me out of the past and disregards the future – because all there is is right now. I can be anywhere in the world, but in my yoga practice I’m home.”

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

Our friend Camille, who was also a model for Muscle & Flow, can’t get enough of inversions. Ranny, on the other hand, loves backbends. “Any kind of backbend from dancers pose to king pigeon!” she gushes. “Back bends feel natural to me, and I think it’s because I’m a true extrovert. In backbends, you’re opening up the three most vulnerable spaces in your body, the hips, heart and throat. It can bring out some heavy stuff for some people.”

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

“I could backbend all day everyday. I think that’s the writer in me–using words and backbends as a catharsis. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve been practicing backbends with more intention, using the strength in my back to open and allowing my entire body to be expansive. I get a bit of a high. It’s awesome.”

Ranny is heading to sunny, gorgeous Panama later this month to lead her very first yoga retreat. Check out her company Wholistic We and her blog, Ranny Says, to keep up with this yogi Bombshell!

by Amanda