Andrea Vittegleo: CrossFit Bombshell

Bombsheller was founded by a small group of super active people. With rock climbers, aerialists, four or five different varieties of dancers, skiers, hikers, and yogis in our midst, we’re always trying to get our leggings into the hands of folks that love to move. Our latest Bombshell? The elegantly hardcore Andrea Vittegleo.

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, weight, lifting, deadlift

Andrea in #HummingbirdsDelight by Nestlife Collective

I’m not kidding when I say Andrea is a force to be reckoned with. I once watched her lift The Hot Little Boss over her head like she was a broomstick. (Very inspiring.) How’d she get so badass?

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Andrea is wearing #Titania by P.H Diniz and Hot Little Boss is wearing #SplashFlame by Eva Fury

Andrea has always been athletic. “I started gymnastics at the age of three and continued in the sport through college,” she tells me. “I have done yoga, traditional gym memberships…but I never felt challenged enough and always got bored after a while.”

Four years ago, Andrea started doing CrossFit and has been hooked ever since. “Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I always had a coach dictate what I do and correct how I move my body. It’s something I thrive on and CrossFit gives that to me.”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, rope, climbing

Climbing in #FeatherLight by Cybele Olsen

Part of the appeal of CrossFit is the community. Andrea puts it this way, “CrossFit makes me feel like I have a place where I belong; a sense of purpose. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive that it makes it seem like anything is possible. I feel like a machine!”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Andrea balancing in #KoiSchoolofFish by 179

“I know what I need to do to meet my goals, and I know that I have to put in the work to see results. When I am done with a lifting session or a workout, whether I did well or not, I feel like it’s part of my journey to become the healthiest version of myself possible.”

Andrea is crazy fit and healthy, but she has a tough time shopping for clothes. “I can never find jeans or pants that fit my thighs and my waist,” she says. “If they are big enough to fit my legs into, they’re generally four inches too big in the waist.”

Apparently this is a common problem for folks who do a lot of CrossFit. Andrea says it’s discouraging. “I work hard on my strength, which translates to having bigger legs. In this society, having bigger legs usually means having a bigger waist. I love that Bombsheller leggings allow me to show off my hard work and that they fit me so well.”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Our leggings love you, too, Andrea! Yet another triumph for spandex.

by Amanda