ECCC Redux

Is anyone else still reeling from Emerald City ComiCon? Because we totally are. It was an awesome, awesome weekend.


I know it’s hard to tell which one is He-Man, but the dude with the glasses and Dark Horse leggings is actually Editor Extraordinaire Jim Gibbons.

Bombsheller has joined forces with powerhouse publisher Dark Horse to bring some of the most badass comic book characters to your wardrobe. Channel their super powers in the spandex action pants you need for your daily escapades!


Aub Driver announcing Barb Wire. Helluva cover by Adam Hughes.

On Friday, DH announced a shload of new stories and characters coming out this year, including our new fave Barb Wire. You may remember Barb from the ’80s, but if you only saw the Pam Anderson movie you should go back and read the comics. Or read the new one coming out in July. She’s got a lot more to her than Pam let on. In the meantime, you can get Barb Wire leggings from the new Dark Horse Comics collection.


Barb makes anyone look bad. In a good way.

Of course we had to go see long-time friend and designer Enfu at his booth, which was predictably swarmed by fans. I’m pretty sure you can make an entire outfit from his swag: leggings, t-shirts, hats, pins… are there Enfu sneakers? I would not be surprised if that was already in the works.



We met Canadian artist Diana, who is testing our plus size prototypes. Yes, we are still working on that! In fact, if you haven’t been invited yet, consider this your official invitation to come to our next fitting party on April 12 at our Lower Queen Anne headquarters.


You’re right, Diana. Normal is totally boring.

In a crowd of thousands, we spotted some Shells on a happy customer in the wild <3 <3 <3 Natalie got Liz #CandyTentacles for Christmas, a sign of true undying friendship.



BONUS: Marissa, author of this post, is a huge fan of Saga. So when I ran into The Stalk, I went all squee and speechless and barely held myself together for a photo. Dreams do come true!


The Stalk is about to kill me and I couldn’t be happier. Please use all eight limbs!

Until next time, Bombshells.

Over & Out.


by Marissa