Feelin’ Yourself February


Confidence isn’t a state of being, it’s an on-going journey with yourself. No one just wakes up and decides that the pressures of society no longer apply to them. it’s hard to drown out the voices (ourselves and others), but it’s never too late to try.

This is where Feelin’ Yourself February was born. We are taking some time to make ourselves feel good. Make time to treat yo self. Make time to have fun. Make time to appreciate what you have, rather than what you don’t. Managing life sometimes requires so much that we forget to focus on what makes you feel like a happier, more comfortable you.

Every Monday of this month we will challenge you to Feel Yourself (hard) and complete by tagging us in your post that Friday, where we will then feature you on our social media channels including Instagram and our story. On Saturday we will pick a winner at random and gift them a free pair of shells. This. Is. Not. A. Drill. You can win a free pair of Bombsheller shells, and you have a chance to do so every single week!

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Bombsquad Whisperer

by Shawntil Howard