Feelin’ Yourself February is Back!

What’s the deal with FYF?

For many of us in the northern hemisphere, February isn’t much fun. It’s cold outside, the days still aren’t long enough, and most houses have lost the dazzle of holiday lights. The buzz of the new year is starting to fade for a lot of people, and let’s not even talk about Valentine’s Day. If I may be candid, I kind of had a difficult time with this blog post; it’s hard to tout self-love in the midst of dealing with my own harsh winter blues.

That’s actually why we wanted to bring “Feelin’ Yourself February” back for a second year. We all need – and deserve – a little boost from time to time! That’s why we’re challenging you to practice a little self-love, with chances every week to treat yourself to a free pair of Shells!

The Challenges

Tag us on Instagram using both @Bombsheller and #FeelinYourselfFeb to make sure we see your challenge submissions! We’ll keep this blog post updated with new challenges and winners each week.

Week 1 Winner: Steph!

“I love my sense of adventure and independence!”

Week 2: Guest host: TBA

Week 3: Guest host: TBA

Week 4: The finale! TBA

by Emily