During this restructuring, we are losing some of the amazing team members that made Bombsheller possible. If you need some hard working badasses, look no further!

Akane Fujii
Graphic designer and Illustrator
Talents: Illustration, graphic design (branding, ads and display) and identifying cat and dog breeds
Contact: akanefujiicreative@gmail.com

Arielle Soutar
UI and Web Developer
Talents: Web design, Shopify Wrangling, Plant Whisperer
Contact: ariellesoutar@gmail.com

Ivy Chen
Talents: Photography, videography, graphic design, promotional email design, marketing strategy
Website: http://ivychen.co
Social: @hulloivy
Contact: ivychen.co@gmail.com

Jazzlyn Stone
Talents: Project Management, Community Building, Brand Building, Pop Up Event Design
Website: jazzlynstone.com
Social: @jazzlynStone
Contact: x@jazzlynstone.com

Rachel Linkhart
Product Development
Talents: Product Development, Sizing and Grading, Customer Research, Trend Casting
Website: http://commonarticle.com/
Social: @commonarticle
Contact: rachel.linkhart@gmail.com

Stephen Klise
Talents: Portrait photography, color grading, skin retouching, model outreach, lighting design
Website: Stephenklise.com
Social: @stephenklise
Contact: hello@stephenklise.com

by Jazzlyn