Andrea Vittegleo: CrossFit Bombshell

Bombsheller was founded by a small group of super active people. With rock climbers, aerialists, four or five different varieties of dancers, skiers, hikers, and yogis in our midst, we’re always trying to get our leggings into the hands of folks that love to move. Our latest Bombshell? The elegantly hardcore Andrea Vittegleo.

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Andrea in #HummingbirdsDelight by Nestlife Collective

I’m not kidding when I say Andrea is a force to be reckoned with. I once watched her lift The Hot Little Boss over her head like she was a broomstick. (Very inspiring.) How’d she get so badass?

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Andrea is wearing #Titania by P.H Diniz and Hot Little Boss is wearing #SplashFlame by Eva Fury

Andrea has always been athletic. “I started gymnastics at the age of three and continued in the sport through college,” she tells me. “I have done yoga, traditional gym memberships…but I never felt challenged enough and always got bored after a while.”

Four years ago, Andrea started doing CrossFit and has been hooked ever since. “Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I always had a coach dictate what I do and correct how I move my body. It’s something I thrive on and CrossFit gives that to me.”

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Climbing in #FeatherLight by Cybele Olsen

Part of the appeal of CrossFit is the community. Andrea puts it this way, “CrossFit makes me feel like I have a place where I belong; a sense of purpose. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive that it makes it seem like anything is possible. I feel like a machine!”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Andrea balancing in #KoiSchoolofFish by 179

“I know what I need to do to meet my goals, and I know that I have to put in the work to see results. When I am done with a lifting session or a workout, whether I did well or not, I feel like it’s part of my journey to become the healthiest version of myself possible.”

Andrea is crazy fit and healthy, but she has a tough time shopping for clothes. “I can never find jeans or pants that fit my thighs and my waist,” she says. “If they are big enough to fit my legs into, they’re generally four inches too big in the waist.”

Apparently this is a common problem for folks who do a lot of CrossFit. Andrea says it’s discouraging. “I work hard on my strength, which translates to having bigger legs. In this society, having bigger legs usually means having a bigger waist. I love that Bombsheller leggings allow me to show off my hard work and that they fit me so well.”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Our leggings love you, too, Andrea! Yet another triumph for spandex.

CrossFit Leggings: Lucas Gets Tough

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few months talking about yoga. While I’ve been busy downward-dogging, my friend (and fellow Bombsheller team member) Lucas was starting a new adventure of his own.

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Lucas pumping iron at CrossFit in #DiamondFadeDark

Lucas is one of the web developers at Bombsheller and has also designed some pretty awesome leggings for us just using code! (Check them out, they’re rad.) Adding to his arsenal of awesomeness, Lucas started doing CrossFit recently and offered to share some of his experiences with all of you out there in blog-land. 

“I was surprised at how super supportive everyone is,” he told me. “There was no whip-cracking, hard-ass mentality. I  had never dead-lifted with weights before and didn’t have a lot of experience in the gym when I started.”

Lucas reports that the coaches are there to provide positive reinforcement, and that the emphasis is really on self-improvement and pushing yourself to your own personal limits. “I always walk out of there feeling like I did something awesomely hard with my body,” he says. “I push my limits every time.”

Leggings, Crossfit, fitness, exercise, tights, mens, men's

Training for the heavy weights.

I (Amanda, Queen of The Blog), always thought CrossFit ascribed to a “drop and give me 20” military attitude. Lucas found out first hand that this is definitely not the case. “Everyone is always cheering you on,” he tells me. “Especially if you’re the last to finish (which probably means you’re working the hardest). No one walks out of there hanging their head.” 

Lucas will check back in about his CrossFit Escapades as he keeps training. For those of you wondering where that gorgeous gym is, it’s CrossFit Belltown here in the Emerald City.

Video: Yoga by Bombshell Ginger

I’ve met some pretty dang inspiring folks since I joined the Bombsheller team. It feels like every day there’s another super hero hanging out in our leggings and performing extraordinary feats.

A few weeks ago, the super inspiring Ginger Saunders came and did some yoga at our headquarters. Ginger is a total Bombshell and we just had to document her moves.

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

Name: Ginger Saunders
Years Practicing Yoga: 13
Seen Here Wearing: #EndlessWaves by Felix Wolfstrom

When I asked Ginger what her favorite asana was, she said she didn’t have one. “I love movement,” she said. “I am not set on one particular pose. For me it’s about showing up and giving my body what it needs. And that can look different everyday.”

To honor Ginger’s love of movement, we put together these videos of her in action!

(Ginger is seen here wearing #LotusNamaste by 179.)

“What inspires me to keep practicing yoga everyday is the way I feel during and after I practice. It’s my lifestyle. It feels good to take care of my mind and body, which allows for me to be a better human in this world.”

(Ginger is seen here wearing #Intersect by Ivy Chen.)

(Ginger is seen here wearing #EndlessWaves by Felix Wolfstrom.)


For Seattle-area Bombshells, you can catch up with Ginger at the studios where she teaches!

Strala Seattle

Urban Yoga Spa

Hauteyoga Queen Anne

The Yogi Behind the Leggings: Ranny Kang

Ranny Kang is the final Bombshell from our yoga lookbook, Muscle & Flow. This lady is a powerhouse who believes that health and wellness is about much more than time spent in the gym.

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

Name: Ranny Kang

Years Practicing Yoga: 6

Favorite Asana: Anything with a backbend

Seen Here Wearing: #Intersect by Ivy Chen

“I’ve been doing yoga for six years, teaching for two and practicing yoga, both intentionally and mostly unintentionally, my entire life,” says Ranny. “It started out as a physical thing, a perfect complement to my workouts and long runs.” Eventually, Ranny found a home studio, Expand Yoga, in Tacoma. “I went from doing yoga to practicing yoga. My physical practice became an all encompassing practice. Something that I do both on and off the mat.”

“My yoga practice is what allows me to be bigger than myself while keeping me grounded. It takes me out of the past and disregards the future – because all there is is right now. I can be anywhere in the world, but in my yoga practice I’m home.”

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

Our friend Camille, who was also a model for Muscle & Flow, can’t get enough of inversions. Ranny, on the other hand, loves backbends. “Any kind of backbend from dancers pose to king pigeon!” she gushes. “Back bends feel natural to me, and I think it’s because I’m a true extrovert. In backbends, you’re opening up the three most vulnerable spaces in your body, the hips, heart and throat. It can bring out some heavy stuff for some people.”

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, art

“I could backbend all day everyday. I think that’s the writer in me–using words and backbends as a catharsis. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve been practicing backbends with more intention, using the strength in my back to open and allowing my entire body to be expansive. I get a bit of a high. It’s awesome.”

Ranny is heading to sunny, gorgeous Panama later this month to lead her very first yoga retreat. Check out her company Wholistic We and her blog, Ranny Says, to keep up with this yogi Bombshell!

The Yogi Behind the Leggings: Camille Primous

I’ve been waiting ages for a reason to get our amazing friend, Camille Primous, into the Bombsheller blog. Camille has been modeling for us almost as long as we’ve been selling leggings! In addition to being a total Bombshell, Camille is a former gymnast who loves yoga.

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch

Camille keeping her balance in #LotusNamaste by 179

Name: Camille Primous

Years Practicing Yoga: 3

Favorite Asana: Anything upside down!

Favorite Leggings: #SPKRS by Wakuda

Camille has always been an athlete. She started practicing yoga when over-training in the gym began to cause hip problems. “I was looking for a way to still condition my body while working on alignment, strength, and flexibility,” she says.

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, fine art

Camille is rocking #RainbowBleed by Julie Alpert

For Camille, yoga is much more than just an exercise regimen. “What I love about yoga and what keeps me going back is not necessarily the physical practice, but the mental one. I have a hard time sitting still, both in body and mind, so moving meditation is perfect for me. It allows me to be quiet and honest with myself and to give focus and intention to my body and my breath.”

“Yoga is also incredibly challenging and there is no end point. There is always a way to grow and expand my practice, which is in line with my personal philosophy in how I live my life. I always strive to grow and expand into the best version of myself possible and there is no endpoint in that journey.”

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, fine art

When we got Camille into the studio to photograph our yoga lookbook, Muscle & Flow, she warmed up a bit and then immediately went upside down. It came as no surprise that inversions are her favorite. “As a gymnast,” she told me, “I spent the majority of my life upside down. I live for the feeling of blood in my head. Each of these poses are challenging and make me feel incredibly energized and humbled. I also do some of my best reflection and meditation while upside down.” She laughed, “It’s my favorite reenergizing study break!”

leggings, tights, athletic, yoga, yogi, stretch, fine art

Guess who’s upside down behind that pile of presents!

Don’t miss our latest lookbook, Muscle & Flow! We’ll be interviewing all the yogis who modeled for us, so check back for more yoga inspiration! 

PHOTOS: Bombshell Maryanna Conquers Smith Rock

leggings, tights, athletic, hummingbirds, mountain, climber

Maryanna tearing up Smith Rock in #HummingbirdsDelight!

Maryanna Brown is one of our mega Bombshells. She’s a climbing rock star who takes her leggings up perilous crags all over the Pacific Northwest. This past weekend, she took a trip down to Smith Rock State Park in Terrebone, OR and sent us some amazing pictures!

leggings, tights, athletic, hummingbirds, mountain, climber


leggings, tights, athletic, hummingbirds, mountain, climber

leggings, tights, athletic, urban, mountain, climber

Crushing it in #EverydayMayhem

leggings, tights, athletic, urban, mountain, climber


Credits: Natasha Walker took the photographs of Maryanna in #EverydayMayhem  and Amanda Perez took the photographs of #HummingBirdsdelight.