Drumroll, Please.

The numbers are tallied and your votes are in. Put on your glitziest outfit, break out the champagne, and take a scroll down below to see the winners of the 2018 Best of Bombsheller Awards!


F I R S T  P L A C E
by: birdstare

R U N N E R  U P
by: Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson


F I R S T  P L A C E
by: Akane Fuji

R U N N E R  U P
by: Jen Bartel


F I R S T  P L A C E
Design: Milkfed Criminal Masterminds
Art: Laurenn Mccubbin

R U N N E R  U P
by: Akana Fuji


F I R S T  P L A C E
by: Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson

R U N N E R  U P
by: AJ Hawkins Art


F I R S T  P L A C E
Design: Milkfed Criminal Masterminds
Art: Laurenn Mccubbin

R U N N E R  U P
by: Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson


F I R S T  P L A C E
by: Jen Bartel

1 S T
R U N N E R  U P
by: AJ Hawkins Art

2 N D
R U N N E R  U P
Design: Milkfed Criminal Masterminds
Art: Christian Ward


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Summer 2016 Trend Report!

We always get stuck in creative ruts. Here’s a quick list of this summer’s trends in graphic prints to spur on the designing of your next best-selling pair of leggings! As always, design and wear whatever you want. This is here to help with inspiration to end your struggle with pesky designer’s block. Happy designing!


Summer 2016 Graphics Trend Report



June Leaderboards

Writing Design Descriptions!


Today, let’s talk design descriptions. I don’t know about you, but writing descriptions is my least favorite part of the submission process. I put all this work into creating a bomb design and now, I have to do MORE work and write about it? Gripe no more! Writing a description is not as daunting as you think. Plus, if you write it well, it will only take a few minutes and help make your design more searchable!

descriptions blog art

  1. Describe your design

That’s all you have to do! If you had to describe your design to someone over the telephone (no facetime, this is ye olden days type shit), what would you say? You would probably be pretty succinct in your description. ‘It has a bunch of purple and blue flowers all over it with little bumble bees here and there as accents’. Simple! Feel free to spice it up a little to make it less monotone, but keep it focused on describing your design.

  1. Avoid flavor/filler text

Writing a short novel about your design, while entertaining to read, interferes with the search-ability of your, and other artists’, designs. How searching the shop works at the moment is any words you use in your description make it searchable by those words. For instance, if you say ‘donuts’ in your description, even though your design doesn’t feature any donuts, it will still show up when someone searches ‘donuts’. This takes away from those who actually have donuts in their designs and depend on those searches. This also works the other way around. If your design has donuts, but you don’t mention donuts anywhere in your design name or description (how could you?! the poor donuts), it will be more difficult to search for. Avoid fluff text and keep your description solely about your design.

  1. Keep it short

Now that you’ve cut out the flavor text, your description should be pretty succinct and quick to read. A couple sentences is much more appealing to read than a paragraph. So, here’s to saving a few minutes of your day. 🙂

And that’s it! A simple description is all you need. Happy writing!

April Leaderboards

Design Guidelines Checklist

Wondering if your design meets all our guidelines? Wonder no more! Use this guide whenever you’re designing a new pair of leggings to make sure your design won’t be rejected due to easily fixable issues. Refer to our support page for more in depth assistance.

Bombsheller leggings design guidelines infographic

Refer to our support page for more in depth assistance.

Got a good design on your hands? Submit it now


March Leaderboards

Top selling designs

1. #Hypertrophy
3. #EverydayWarrior
4. #PussyDentata
5. #BitchPlanet

Top selling artists

1. P.H Diniz
2.  SpectraLotus
3. Mandroid
4. Everyday Warrior
5. Tru

Best Designs of 2015!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Artists can submit one design per month. For most of you, this doesn’t change anything. For those that it does, know that we’re working hard behind the scenes to maximize the experience for our artists.


With more than 400 designs in the Bombsheller catalog, we decided there was no better time than now to show you our favorites. Since this was our first time putting together a ‘Best of’ list, all designs-not just from 2015-were up for nomination. Watch the video to see who won! With so many awesome designs in the catalog, it was difficult choosing just two per category. We’re excited to see what you guys are working on for 2016!


FIRST: #MaryJane
RUNNER UP: #PricklyFlower

FIRST: #ReflectionofGlory
RUNNER UP: #Jungle

FIRST: #Elysian
RUNNER UP: #Sitka2

FIRST: #UnicornvsDragon

FIRST: #BitchPlanet
RUNNER UP: #Hypertrophy

December Leaderboards