Halloween Leggings: Last-Minute (But Awesome) Tree Costume DIY

Gadzooks, Bombshells! Halloween is only one week away! If you still don’t have a costume, fear not. As always, we’ve got your backsides. Even with only a week to prepare, you can embrace your nature-loving inner hippie with this totally fabulous, and only slightly goofy, tree costume!

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“I am a tree!” – Dinah

If you’re considering going out in boring normal clothes on Halloween, think again. Maybe you don’t have the energy to craft an elaborate costume like our over-achieving DIY Star Trek one. Or maybe you don’t want to buy an over-priced, Made in China, costume-in-a-bag from a party store that you’ll never wear again. Or maybe you just want to be comfortable as you pound pumpkin beer, bob for apples, and do the Time Warp.

Bombsheller_ Halloween_Leggings_Tree

Woah guys, that is a pretty great tree costume.

Here’s how to get the look.

Step 1: Rock a pair of #2X4 leggings, designed by our very own Jazzlyn Stone, so your legs look all woody and stuff.

Step 2: Pair your ligneous leggings with a top that’s green. Like leaves. Dinah used this lovely T-shirt for style and comfort.

Step 3: Go outside and cut some twigs and branches from a bush, shrub, or tree. We used some rhododendron branches from Dinah’s backyard. (She also brought in some pine branches, but they were too prickly to be comfortably held aloft without gardening gloves.)

Step 4: Whenever someone at the party asks you what your costume is, simply brandish your branches and exclaim, “I’m a tree!”

Step 5: Bask in the compliments as everyone in earshot remarks about how clever you are.

As an added bonus, you make this a duo costume by having someone else sporadically throw their arms around you. You’re the tree, they’re the treehugger. Genius!

leggings, halloween, tights, tree, wood, DIY, costume

Next to those trees, Dinah is almost completely camouflaged!

leggings, halloween, tights, tree, wood, DIY, costume

Halloween Leggings: Skeleton Face!

Go to any costume party around October 31 and you’ll probably see outfits that range from cutesy to goofy, but this week we wanted to give a shout out to those dedicated souls that embrace the scary side of the holiday. Lest anyone forget that Halloween is really about ghosts, skeletons, the undead, and other creatures of the night, here is Bombsheller’s take on a classic ghoul.

Halloween, leggings, tights, skeleton, costume, face paint

Crouched and ready… to eat your soul!

Nick is rocking #SkullsNBackbones, a gruesome pair of leggings designed by Michael Syrigos, to up the ante on this skeleton look. Our friend Cybele (who modeled last week’s Halloween costume) painted some light corpse paint on his face, but left the coolest part for the back of Nick’s hand.

Bombsheller, leggings, tights, Halloween, skeleton, DIY, costume, facepaint

Instead of full face paint, which can get uncomfortable and doesn’t last if you’re eating/drinking/bobbing for apples, the creepy skeleton mouth looks even scarier when it’s spread across your jaw like a facehugger. Armed with these macabre leggings and killer makeup, Nick is ready to carouse with the souls of the undead! (Or maybe just carve a pumpkin or something.)

Halloween, bombsheller, leggings, tights, men's leggings, DIY, skeleton

Halloween Leggings: DIY Steampunk Style

Continuing our quest to create amazing (and comfy) leggings-inspired Halloween costumes, we turn once again to the world of speculative fiction for ideas. This time, we swapped space travel for steampunk and came up with this quasi-Victorian ensemble, complete with top hat, lace-up boots, and a killer DIY bustle made by our model Cybele!

halloween, leggings, bombsheller, diy, steampunk, tights

Pistons, sprockets, laces, and waistcoats. Who knew spandex could be steampunk?

What would a steampunk outfit be without mechanical workings like cogs and pistons? We got our sprocket fix from these industrially cool #Gears leggings in rusty by graphic artist Philip Bedard. Paired with this DIY Burlesque Bustle Skirt, which Cybele made thanks to Cut Out and Keep, this is an anachronistically cool costume that will keep you warm and cozy while you’re out trick-or-treating.

For those of you who prefer your #Gears more cyborg than steampunk (or if sepia tone is just too cheerful for you), they’re also available in monochrome gray!

Halloween Leggings: Deanna Troi, Star Trek Comm Badge DIY

Here at Bombsheller, we like to think that we’re pretty crafty. As the weather cools off and pumpkins start appearing on doorsteps, we can’t help but start thinking about that spookiest of holidays (and one of our favorite excuses to play dress-up). As we ramp up for Halloween, we’ll be posting a series of leggings-inspired costume ideas and DIY tutorials.

First up, we’ve got something for our nerdy and cosplaying friends. Inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation, we are pleased to present the Bombshell incarnation of Starfleet Officer Deanna Troi!

Leggings, Halloween leggings, Star Trek, DIY

Beam me into some of those #LightSpace leggings!

Anyone who has seen Star Trek knows that in the future, people will be wearing spandex all over the far reaches of space. Officer Troi was often seen around the Enterprise wearing non-regulation uniforms that included leggings, generally in purple, grey, or teal. Our Bombsheller update to Troi has her sporting #LightSpace, a design by Northwest artist Dead Pastel, paired with giant ‘90s hair and a deconstructed lilac dress. The dress is from a second-hand store, but if you wanted something similar, look for purple ‘80s dresses on Etsy or at your local vintage store. (We found some here and here.)

The most distinguishing part of this costume is the Star Trek communicator badge. For all the DIYers out there, here’s a quick tutorial on how we made ours.

You’ll need:

Craft foam in yellow and purple


Glue gun

A pin or brooch that you don’t care about (we used a high school honor society pin that Amanda had lying around)

Rhinestones in silver and gold (we used flatback acrylic stones)

Gemtac glue

A crayon or rhinestone picker (you can get them on Amazon)


Leggings, DIY, Star Trek, Halloween, Communicator, Badge

“Craft foam is the DIY material of the Future.” -Captain Kirk


1. Cut an oval out of the yellow craft foam. Then cut the purple craft foam into the shape of a communicator (basically a rounded triangle with legs). The left leg should be slightly thicker than the right.

2. Hot glue the purple shape into the center of the yellow oval.

3. Rhinestone time! Use the gold stones on the yellow oval and the silver stones on the purple. Using a crayon or your rhinestone picker, pick up a single silver rhinestone. Push a small amount of Gemtac out of the bottle and gently dab it onto the back of the rhinestone.

Leggings, DIY, Halloween Leggings, Star Trek

Rhinestoning takes ages but looks amazing when it’s finished!

4. Working from the outside in, glue the silver stones to the purple area until it’s completely covered. Then do the same with the gold stones, starting from the outside and working inwards until the entire yellow area is covered.

5. Let the rhinestones dry overnight so they’re permanently set. (At least six hours is recommended.)

6. Break out your hot glue gun again. Affix the pin into the center of the oval’s back.

Voilà! You’re done. Now pair that comm badge with some space pants (a.k.a. leggings) and you’re ready for the final frontier.