360° of Spandexy Goodness at Your Fingertips!

There’s something about adding a brand new item to your wardrobe that just feels good… but shopping can sometimes be the pits. Buying online can be especially frustrating – you have a limited view of how an item looks in the real world, then you have to wait for it to show up only to find out it isn’t really what you expected. Here at Bombsheller HQ, we’ve been hard at work looking for innovative ways to make the shopping experience less stressful. Last month we rolled out our new sizing video to help you find your perfect fit. This month, we’re bringing you our hot new 3D viewer!

If you’re unfamiliar with how using a 3D viewer works, Ivy’s put together yet another awesome tutorial to help you out:

We’re so proud of how the viewer turned out. We couldn’t have done it without Arielle, who always works tirelessly to keep our website running smoothly and looking great. I asked her to tell me a bit more about the end goal for the viewer and about the blood, sweat, and tears put into building it:

Many designs aren’t well captured by the four views available in the automatic rendering system. The popular design #CephalopodInTheMoodOf is a good example. It’s hard to get a good angle on it in the still renders, but in real life or in the 360 viewer its charm is much more apparent. Surprisingly, even while I was using it, especially on mobile, I felt that I knew the design much better and felt more confident about what it would look like. This feeling even existed for designs I had actually seen printed out and worn. Hopefully others have this feeling as well when using it. I hope people have fun with it and check out some of the more finely detailed designs or the ones that have surprises in their details, like any of the Enfu designs, and certainly Mandroid’s #Place design

It was grueling trying to get [the viewer] small enough to load in a reasonable amount of time, [and] there was a lot of back and forth about the lighting. Writing something that needed to respond in real time, like a tiny video game, was not a big part of my programming experience. I’m glad to have done it, as it was very different from the rigid world of a web framework. “

Taking on the 3D viewer project as well was no small feat, but we think it really paid off. Thanks for kicking ass, Arielle!

Stay tuned, because we’ve got more to come. Happy shopping!

Bombsheller In The News

Our founder Pablos Holman gave an interview to Aaron Frank at Singularity University on our production practices and the future of manufacturing.

“We put everyone in one building. Our web team, marketing team, the photographers, and the manufacturing team are all in the same place. So, if we need to change something — we just change it, and it takes twenty minutes.”

The way Bombsheller makes its products is also similar to the way software companies build services.

“If you’re Snapchat, you’re probably shipping a new version of your service every day to see what customers like. The way we make our clothing, we can do the same thing. We can send a new version every day and only sell what a customer wants.”

This made-to-order system has only recently become possible now that a suite of new technologies are transforming the apparel landscape. For example, the old apparel industry never had the internet, a technology that many forget is only a few decades old. “No one should take for granted that I now have a way of talking directly to my customers,” Holman says.

Read the full article at Singularity HUB.

Update: Plus Size Catalog Model

The latest installment of our extended sizes project is ready for launch: the catalog render!


Left: New model! Right: Original model

Since releasing the collection of 3X and 4X designs, we’ve been working to create a model that more accurately represented these designs on a larger body. This render has rounder hips, thighs and calves, and it reflects the graphics of a size 3X product. We still have work ahead of us moving designs onto the new model, but when they’re in place you’ll be able to see the bigger model by selecting size 3X or above from the dropdown menu. Best of all, we are debuting the new catalog model with #TriEchinopsis by Valerie Sagun, the inspirational force that is Big Gal Yoga! Valerie teaches classes in Yoga For All Bodies in the Bay Area, and you can follow her on Instagram for more body positive badassery.

The Iron Club Goes to Regionals

The elite team out of Northwest Strength and Performance will be competing at the CrossFit West Regional Games this weekend, and they’ll be repping Bombsheller! A few are seasoned competitors, while others will be experiencing their first Regionals team competition. We delivered their custom leggings during a team practice to snap a few shots. They were bursting with energy and confidence. When I asked what their best event is, they replied: “All of them!”

Crush it, Iron Club!


NWSPxBombsheller-3 NWSPxBombsheller-5


NWSPxBombsheller-8 NWSPxBombsheller-9



Launching Sizes 3XL and 4XL

It’s a big day for big babes! Today we launched a collection of designs available up to size 4XL.



We are really excited to have something to share with all the friends we’ve made in the plus size community. We’ve learned more about plus size fashion than we ever imagined and we’re happy about bringing something positive to the table.
#ElectricZebra    #SpaceStripes
Getting here was more work than we expected. At the outset, it seemed like all we needed to do was scale artwork. We have computers and people who know math! How hard could it be? Turns out it’s not that simple.

Adapting Art
There are over 500 designs in the catalog. Adapting 500 designs to new sizes would take a little bit if they were all the same, but they are not. Everything at Bombsheller is constantly being improved, including our design template. We’ve been through 13 versions! That means we have lots of designs made with old versions of the template, and all of them would have to be updated before they can be adapted to the new sizes. On top of that, some of the designs are supposed to map to body parts and require more finessing from the artist to make them 3X-friendly.

Shopping Experience
We want shopping on our website to be easy. You should be able to find what you’re looking for and you should have a clear understanding of what you’re about to buy. So integrating new sizes to the website forced us to ask a lot of questions: should we just add more sizes to the drop-down menu on the product page? Should they have their own page? Do we need to create a new 3D model and new rendering process to show what this design will look like on a larger body? Where do we put photographs? It takes a lot of meetings to make decisions on stuff like this. Oh, and we only have one web developer. She’s amazing. We call her Web Queen.

OMG, shopping for plus size wardrobe for photography was a nightmare. NOW WE UNDERSTAND, YOU GUYS. It can take some time to find badass clothes and shoes that fit with our style, but it is way harder trying to find them in the plus size section. Luckily we already had a model in our pocket, Rachel Ebert, the very first person to leave a comment on our Facebook page asking us for leggings that fit her.

We’re Small!
Our little company has been around for just over a year and we’re still trying to kick ass at all the other aspects of being a startup. We’re still working on selling the product we already have, helping customers, manufacturing and shipping orders, helping artists and processing their submissions. You know, the business. We get asked all the time to develop new products — tank tops, sports bras, dresses, shorts — and to add new features like customizable inseam and waistband options. That all sounds great! But we can’t tackle all of it at once. Today we decided to tackle plus size.

So we launched 20 designs in 3XL and 4XL because done is the engine of more, because perfect is the enemy of good. We will never stop working (because we like our work) but today we want to share what we’ve already done with the rest of the world because we’re really proud of it.

Espionage Cosmetics X Bombsheller


Bombsheller babes have long been fans of the scientific nail wraps and nerd glitter from Espionage Cosmetics, a company that makes it possible for you to adorn yourself to the geekiest limits of your imagination. We’d been dreaming of a photo shoot with them for a year, so when CEO/Glitter Jedi Jaimie contacted us about a collaboration, we said yes yes yes!

On November 27 (Black Friday) we will be releasing #WyvernScales, a brand new exclusive design from Espionage available only through January 1. I know what you’re thinking — “Does it match any of the nail wraps?” Answer: OF COURSE! The dragon scale nail wraps will also only be available through the holidays, though, so if you want this look plan accordingly.

#SquadGoals — wait no, #WeyrGoals