So Many Designs!

Having trouble choosing a design? Lindsay Ginn knows all about that.

Every time I go to Bombsheller with the intention of selecting my next pair, it inevitably turns into an emotional rollercoaster full of hopeless indecision, self-doubt, and the confrontation of deep inner longings.

But after that’s all over, I get a sweet new pair of leggings. (It’s worth it.)


The babe behind Broke & Beautiful, a seriously awesome fashion blog, first discovered Bombsheller last September, and it was love at first wear. Now she’s back for more, and boy are there options.

Bombsheller has, um, exploded over the last year and has been collaborating with new artists in new ways, making for some exceptionally gorgeous and unique leggings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lindsay is no stranger to leggings, but like most people, her collection was mainly black and neutral. After a smashing success with her first pair of Shells, though, she is ready to cut into wilder territory.

A lot of the legging designs I’m into lately are darker, but not necessarily less bold. It surprised me to see how easy it was to incorporate such a strong statement legging like the #DeerDamask into my wardrobe. It definitely opened the doors to my creativity when I realized that, no, I don’t get 1,000 weird looks when I wear purple, skintight pants covered in muted gold deer antlers… so why not something even weirder?

You can check out Lindsay’s top choices on her blog post. And remember, even after all the scrolling, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: a sweet new pair of leggings.

How to Style Graphic Leggings

Every fall season, it seems there are hundreds of fashion blogs telling you how to wear a trench coat (you put your arms through the holes, duh) or what to pair with skinny jeans (everything). A thousand ways to layer black on black. Tips that any person with two eyes, opposable thumbs and a prefrontal cortex didn’t need to begin with. Occasionally there are some trickier trends to incorporate into your daily life: dark florals, animal print, orange lipstick. But really, if your closet is mostly black t-shirts and jeans already, it’s not too much of a stretch to add a new lipstick color to your makeup routine and come off as fashionable.

The same can be done with printed leggings. Our catalog is chock full of designs that don’t fit into one color category, which at the outset might seem like a styling challenge. We’re here to tell you: this doesn’t need to be hard.


styled leggings with pink box

#MetamorphicAgates (right) look great with ankle boots and purple hair.

Since we’re based in Seattle, our closets feature a lot of black. Yours probably do too. We know you’re out there pairing trendy sweaters and fur-lined capes with black leggings. So just reverse it: put the style statement on the legs with your unassuming black shirt on top. DONE.

Bombsheller_Blog_ 2014-1-3

Is #Poolwater (right) any crazier than this multicolored chainlink top (left)?

But we’re not here to tell you what to do. Style is personal, an expression of who you are or what you want to be. You don’t need anyone’s permission to wear a keyboard cat t-shirt with space cat leggings.

Bombsheller_Blog_ 2014-1-5

Leggings are the thing to wear with all your ironic t-shirts.

Still unsure? Check out our Instagram feed of Bombshells and Pinterest board of fashion bloggers, both featuring our graphic leggings out in the wild. If you’ve already got some Shells, post a selfie to inspire the meek! Be the style icon you know you can be.

Invading the Uptown Art Walk

The Bombsheller team had a fantastic time hanging out and wreaking havoc at the Uptown Art Walk this week. The Art Walk happens every third Wednesday in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. It features local artists and businesses, free snacks (!!!), live music, arts and crafts, and more.

Since we’re located right in the heart of Uptown, we were invited to join the party. Here are a few highlights from the event.

Bombsheller, leggings, women's leggings, art, art walk, Seattle

Loving legs and loving leggings.


Bombsheller, leggings, women's leggings, Enfu

We got new stickers! Don’t they look awesome fanned out across those Enfu leggings?


Leggings, women's leggings, seattle

Leggings battle on the patio!


Leggings, Women's leggings, seattle, art walk

Our very own Hot Little Boss stretching out.

In case anyone was wondering, we definitely had fun! Also, for those of you following along at home, Hot Little Boss is wearing #TribalSkull and Dinah is rocking #UrbanJungle.