Bomb Squad Spotlight: Mandie Roman AKA Geeky Glamorous!

Get to know this badass geek.

Meet fandom fashionista Mandie Roman; Twitch streamer, host of Game Talk Live, and all-around badass babe. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of geeky fashion inspiration and creative “casual” spins on cosplay – and those seriously cute controller necklaces she’s often wearing? She makes them!

She’s been our Bombsheller Babe of the Week before, but after our COO, Jazzlyn Stone, had the opportunity to speak on a panel alongside Mandie at San Diego Comic-Con, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know her, too.

Geeky Glamorous lookin' good in #Graph

Geeky Glamorous lookin’ good in #Graph

Tell us a little about your gaming life. What was the first title you ever streamed on Twitch? Do you still stream it?

First game I ever streamed was Overwatch, which I still consistently stream. It’s my go-to when I just want to zone out and hang out with my viewers.

Hard mode question: what’s the first game you remember ever playing?

Oh gosh, this is tough! I had a few of those Tiger Electronics handheld systems, likely one of the Disney versions of those, haha. The first console game I remember playing is Super Mario Brothers for the original Nintendo.

Aside from playing games on stream, you’re also the host of Game Talk Live. How did you get your start on the show?

I wish this was a more exciting story, haha but I discovered the show through a friend, went through a few rounds of auditions, and got it! It’s been one of the best experiences, a dream job really to discuss and debate video games with some incredible guests and our live chat.

On the “glam” side of things – who are some of your biggest or current favorite fashion inspirations?

I am riding that vaporwave trend strong; I am all for ’80s and ’90s inspired design and colors. It’s also the era I grew up in so there’s a strong sense of nostalgia there for me. Additionally, I’ve been listening to a lot of synth-pop music lately and all the cyberpunk album covers have been super inspiring. I can’t wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to come out!

What inspired you to make controller necklaces? 

I originally launched the Geeky Glamorous controller necklaces back in 2012 when there was a huge lack of women’s gaming accessories available. We’re seeing a lot more nowadays (huzzah!) which I’m super hyped about. I brought them back because I missed designing and bringing more cute gaming stuff into the world.

Mandie's Widowmaker casual cosplay, via Instagram

Mandie’s Widowmaker casual cosplay, via Instagram

Of the inspired outfits and casual cosplays that you’ve done so far, does one stand out as your favorite?

My favorite outfits recently have been my Overwatch casual looks. I’m working my way through the entire line-up of characters, but so far it’s been Widowmaker. I wasn’t sure if people would get it and know who I was but she was super well received! It’s fun to put my own spin on the characters and what they would wear on a day off.

Before you go – any badass babes (streamers, cosplayers, creators) that you’d like to give a shout out?

My two baes, iamchubbybunny and yumewarlock! So glad to have these two hyper-supportive, creative, geeky babes in my life.

Thank you so much, Mandie! We’re honored to have you in the Bomb Squad and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Last but certainly not least – got any cool projects or events coming down the line that we should be watching out for?

I’ve definitely got some cool outfits planned for BlizzCon, and stay tuned to my website for more products coming soon!

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Bomb Squad Spotlight: Tracey Wong (aka MacTrayy)!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you might remember a cute and colorful little video that we posted last year in anticipation of National Butt Day:

The talented human shakin’ these pastel #CakeWalk shells is Seattle dance educator and Bomb Squad babe Tracey Wong. Tracey is formally trained in waacking, voguing, hip-hop, and house, and minored in dance at the University of Washington, where she took courses in modern dance, jazz, and ballet. She also currently reps more than one dance crew; Malicious Allure, a waacking and voguing performance group,  kiki house, and crew, and Chinatown After Hours, a collective group of street dance battlers and organizers for the community.

She’s also the event organizer for Funkee Monkee’s monthly open sessions, as well as the organizer for the annual all-womxn dance battle Queen of the Hill @ Folklife Festival – the largest waacking battle in Seattle, Punk & Funk. She also works at a local and POC-owned boutique called Moksha, located in Seattle’s International District. Not just a boutique, Moksha collaborates with and gives artists platforms for their work.

As if all of that isn’t already completely badass, she’s also training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and has recently taking up DJing. You can probably understand why we wanted to learn more about her.

Make sure to keep reading after the Q&A for Tracey’s upcoming classes and dance battle events, plus a sweet behind-the-scenes video of Tracey showing off her moves for this photo shoot!

Have you been a dancer your whole life? What got you into it?

A year after my training in the studio, I began learning more of the foundation in hip hop and other street and club-style dances.

 actually started training in dance at almost the age of 21. I had always loved to groove and get down with my friends at functions and dabbled a little in Lindy hop whenever my mentor would take me, but I never had the financial privilege or knowledge about dance classes that I could take. I took my first hip-hop choreography class with my homie, Alexa at Westlake Dance Center. After that, we kept coming back every week to take it because it was so much fun. After class, we would just be so pumped. We did a student performance called Sign of the Times and after that, I kept dancing more consistently.

More and more opportunities kept coming my way to move towards performing, competing, joining crews, and I kept saying yes and worked hard at whatever I committed to. I worked really hard! What kept me STAYING was learning about the rich culture in street dances and knowing that there was way more than what I thought street dance was. There was a community that worked hard to keep the culture going and help elevate folks.

Did you have any heroes in the dance community growing up? 

Dang, a lot of folks inspired me in the community. I looked up to folks for different reasons and could learn a lot just from watching ’em. One person who comes to mind right now is Rina Pellerin from Vancouver, CA. She inspired me to want to learn how to waack and I took my very first waacking class was with her a few years ago.

Two other people that I look up to as mentors are Kumari Suraj and Dani Tirrell. Both Kumari and Dani have taught me about the importance of understanding the history and roots of street and club-style dances. All these street/ club-dance styles came from black/latinx communities and a lot of the times many folks don’t know much about the culture so there is a lacking of the feeling and essence for the dance styles. I am definitely still learning, but I appreciate these two a lot for being able to challenge me to do better, to explore what inspires me, what the dance means for me, and to keep diving deeper in my own individuality.

One more hero…my boyfriend, Lonnie! He has been with me since day 1 of my dancing and before I thought to continue dancing, he saw the fire in me and told me to always go full out 100% in it because he believed in me. If I never had that push, his constant love and support, I would probably not be where I am today.

You instruct classes on waacking – is it your favorite style of dance? 

Waacking, Voguing, and House are my favorite styles of dance. These are all club-style dances and the dance styles I typically do when I am at the club. These are my favorite because these are styles that help heal me. When I do these dances, I feel feminine and empowered. I feel as if I am re-claiming my body, my sexuality, myself. A decade ago, I was struck and dragged by a speeding car as a pedestrian and had major physical injuries to the body and mind. Functioning physically and mentally were difficult. It was a lot of trauma I was trying to heal from and I am still trying to navigate my healing process with this.

These dance styles are more than dances, but a culture – conversations I share in exchanges with my friends in the dance community. It is so releasing to be able to free myself completely through expression via movement and my experiences to drive my movement.


You recently posted a video on Instagram of you DJing – how long have you been DJing? Are we about to see the rise of bb DJ HAI CHEW?

I am definitely a bb when it comes to DJ-ing. However, I am feeling really grateful for so many opportunities being given to me so it drives me to work even harder. I started learning from DJ magicsean in the fall and had my debut in February of this year. I have 3 gigs lined up for next week and it’s so much fun being able to create good vibes especially for my dance community to get down to! I am still trying to decide what my DJ name is going to be, but leaning towards DJ Mac Tray!

If you had a chance to collab on a music video with any musical artist, who would be in your top three choices?

(1) Erykah Badu

(2) Sade

(3) Louie Vega

Last but not least… Favorite Bombsheller design?

#Seattle1890 – I have so much love for Seattle as I grew up in Beacon Hill. Of course, so much has changed since then, but I have mad love for my community of folks that still keep it 206.

#killbill – The Bruce Lee leggings because he and martial arts are huge inspirations for waacking. He is also my role model and makes me feel proud to be a Chinese American.

Tracey in #Jungle

Thank you so much, Tracey, for taking the time to let us get to know you better and for a great photo shoot! You can find Tracey on Instagram as @Mactrayy to stay up to date on what she’s up to next, and make sure to check out some of her upcoming events below this adorable behind-the-scenes video!

 Upcoming Events

Tracey recently placed in semi-finals in a solo competition and her group Malicious Allure placed 2nd in the crew competition! Check out these events if you need a little help with your dance moves or just wanna cheer her crew on at their next battle!

FUNKEE MONKEE :: Funk, Soul, and Disco Open Session 


Upcoming Dates: Tuesday, 5/1 and Tuesday, 6/12

830-10pm @ The Beacon: Massive Monkees Studio

$5 Drop-In

More info


PUNK & FUNK (VOL II) :: Waacking and Open-Styles Dance Battle and Party 


Saturday, May 5th | 4-10pm @ The Beacon: Massive Monkees Studio

*4pm-5pm: Waacking Workshop with Sheena

*530pm: Battles Begin

More info


QUEEN OF THE HILL :: All-Ladies 7-to-Smoke Openstyles Dance Battle 


Saturday, May 26th

12pm-3pm Dance Workshops @ Washington Hall (open to all)

430pm-8pm Qualifier Battle & Dance Party @ The Beacon: Massive Monkees Studio


Saturday, May 27th 2-330pm @ Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheater

“Special shout-out to Trichome Seattle… a local and POC-owned shop in Chinatown/ID that also supports me and will be helping to sponsor Queen of the Hill. Please go support!” – Tracey

More info

Badass Influencers

We love seeing awesome people wear our stuff. The everyday badasses rocking #BitchPlanet leggings at work for a subtle “fuck you” to the patriarchy, or playing out an epic battle of #UnicornVsDragon mid-air — these people inspire us. Some people choose to go above and beyond in the inspiration department and dedicate their entire social media existence to sharing cool stuff, doing cool stuff, and just being cool. These badasses we enlist as affiliates: people we can trust to tell the story of Bombsheller and showcase the best features of our leggings. Last year we had some outstanding performers. Aspiring affiliates, take notes!

Top bloggers: Broke & Beautiful, Geeky Glamorous

Takeaway: Give your followers the full story.

How did these two fashionistas make the top of the list? Lindsay of Broke & Beautiful and Mandie of Geeky Glamorous did full reviews (click their names to read them!). Linsday’s gave the full history of her previous stance on leggings vs. pants and how she came to love the spandex side. She shared her shopping experience and gave readers a complete understanding of the product and the company. Mandie’s is in a similar vein with a greater focus on geeky designs and opportunities for artists to get credited and paid for their work. Both posted lots of photos showing the leggings in a whole outfit that fits with their personal style.

 Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.55.49 PM     bombsheller-leggings6

Top coaches: Andrea Vittegleo, Tyler Wall

Takeaway: You can be just as influential IRL as online.

You may have never heard of these humble heroes from Seattle, but to their clients their word is king. Andrea coaches CrossFit at Foundation CrossFit and Tyler teaches functional movement at Tangelo Health. I can personally attest to Tyler’s patience and sincerity from my time as a patient at Tangelo, so I am not surprised that so many people have taken his Bombsheller recommendation. Dude knows his shit. Andrea, with years of gymnastics under her belt and quads like what, has a skill level and expertise that inspires trust in her students. So when they ask her where to go shopping because their skinny jeans don’t fit anymore, it’s because they know she has the right answer.

FullSizeRender 3         Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.37.00 PM

Up-and-coming brands: Lift Big Eat Big (weightlifting), Wandering Westie (dance)

Takeaway: Unique perspective is valuable, so do that thing you don’t see anyone else doing.

When we talk about looking for “movers and shakers” to rep the brand, we mean that literally. Brandon Morrison of LBEB moves weights we can’t even comprehend, and Dan Yamamoto of Wandering Westie shakes out on the the dance floor every day. Both badasses have gained a following by working hard to bring fresh ideas to their communities and fully committing themselves to their craft. If you haven’t watched one of Brandon’s cooking videos, do it now. Dan doesn’t usually showcase himself in Wandering Westie promos, but he knows which dancers to pull for the biggest impact and which photographer can capture the magic. Plus, he always polls his dance community before coming out with a new product. Smart.

lbeb         dance

There you have it, the top performers of 2015! Feeling inspired and think you have what it takes to be a badass affiliate? Email and tell us what makes you awesome. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make in 2016.

Gift Guide: 2015


It’s that time of year! Time to start thinking about stuff to buy other people instead of yourself. This can be really fun if you have just the right gift to knock someone’s socks off — which is where we come in. If you’re going to buy clothes for your sister, friend, or significant other, Bombsheller is the answer.

  • They like to be comfortable? Bombsheller.
  • They like modern art? Bombsheller.
  • They like traditional art? Bombsheller.
  • They like to work out? Bombsheller.
  • They like to geek out? Bombsheller.
  • They have a big butt? Bombsheller.
  • They have a little butt? Bombsheller.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with leggings. But if you need some help, we’ve put together a few gift giving suggestions.

For your nephew in his third year of residency who insists on using medical terminology at the dinner table.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.28.08 PM


For the open-minded cat lady who wanted to be an astronaut as a teenager but now works in the library.



For your friend who wanted the floral pants by Céline or Dolce & Gabbana but couldn’t afford them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.40.49 PM


For your daughter majoring in philosophy who only reads heavy books about death and just spends hours staring at clouds.



For the person you call every time you can’t get your phone/computer/printer to work (they wish you would stop calling).



For your friend who is obsessed with fantasy novels/games/TV shows and knows way too much about dragons.



We’ve also collected all the best sellers of 2015 on Pinterest, so if you want a safe bet, those are definitely the most popular. Still not sure what to get your loved ones? Tweet at @thebombsheller and we’ll give you our expert advice to help you choose the best design. And if you’re really lost, grab a Gift Certificate and let your pals choose for themselves! There’s no wrong way to gift leggings.

So Many Designs!

Having trouble choosing a design? Lindsay Ginn knows all about that.

Every time I go to Bombsheller with the intention of selecting my next pair, it inevitably turns into an emotional rollercoaster full of hopeless indecision, self-doubt, and the confrontation of deep inner longings.

But after that’s all over, I get a sweet new pair of leggings. (It’s worth it.)


The babe behind Broke & Beautiful, a seriously awesome fashion blog, first discovered Bombsheller last September, and it was love at first wear. Now she’s back for more, and boy are there options.

Bombsheller has, um, exploded over the last year and has been collaborating with new artists in new ways, making for some exceptionally gorgeous and unique leggings that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lindsay is no stranger to leggings, but like most people, her collection was mainly black and neutral. After a smashing success with her first pair of Shells, though, she is ready to cut into wilder territory.

A lot of the legging designs I’m into lately are darker, but not necessarily less bold. It surprised me to see how easy it was to incorporate such a strong statement legging like the #DeerDamask into my wardrobe. It definitely opened the doors to my creativity when I realized that, no, I don’t get 1,000 weird looks when I wear purple, skintight pants covered in muted gold deer antlers… so why not something even weirder?

You can check out Lindsay’s top choices on her blog post. And remember, even after all the scrolling, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: a sweet new pair of leggings.

Fashion Rules: Who Can Wear Leggings?


These two rock stars are making their own rules

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t wear leggings?

We’ve met a few hundred people at events, and invariably there is a small but vocal contingent of people who have reasons why they can’t wear our stuff.

  • “Not at my age.”
  • “Not until I reach my goal weight.”
  • “Maybe twenty years ago.”
  • “You won’t have anything in my size.” (We go up to 2X right now!)
  • “No one wants to see that.” (This one is popular with both men and women)

The message underlying all of these statements is that there are rules about leggings, and apparently the rules exclude a lot of people. This makes me sad, but it also compels me to tell you something that I’m not supposed to say out loud because it’s a big secret…

Fashion rules are completely arbitrary and change every twenty minutes!!!!

Guys. “The rules” are made up and you don’t have to follow them.

You are not too old for leggings. Fashion doesn’t have to get boring as you age. Here are some women who prove it.

You are not too big for leggings. Whether you’ve got a tummy, a big butt, or quadzilla thighs — seriously, leggings were made for this. That’s what the elastic waistband and stretch fabric are for. Put them on and fill them out!

You are not too skinny for leggings. Women have told me that they can’t wear leggings because their butts aren’t big enough. Not a requirement, darlings!

And men, you are not excluded from the world of leggings. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to manly dudes in spandex. It is glorious.

Yet another person told me that “Lycra is a privilege, not a right.” This is a catchy little quote, but I must respectfully and adamantly disagree. Leggings are comfortable, and everyone deserves to wear clothes that make them feel good. Our fabric is made to shape itself around whatever shape you are. And if you are going to wear something form-fitting, it shouldn’t always have to be black. Color and patterns are fun, and they shouldn’t be limited to tiny sports bras and headbands. I want to wear art all over my body! Besides, we all saw Star Trek and know that spandex bodysuits are the future. We’re just starting at the bottom and working our way up.

So go ahead. Just try them on. You’ll be surprised at what you can do in them, and how damn good you look.


High five to the future!