The Iron Club Goes to Regionals

The elite team out of Northwest Strength and Performance will be competing at the CrossFit West Regional Games this weekend, and they’ll be repping Bombsheller! A few are seasoned competitors, while others will be experiencing their first Regionals team competition. We delivered their custom leggings during a team practice to snap a few shots. They were bursting with energy and confidence. When I asked what their best event is, they replied: “All of them!”

Crush it, Iron Club!


NWSPxBombsheller-3 NWSPxBombsheller-5


NWSPxBombsheller-8 NWSPxBombsheller-9



5 Reasons Bombsheller Loves CrossFit

Our team just got back from the Bombsheller booth at the CrossFit Games in California. We are sunburned and a little dehydrated, but mostly we are inspired and so so glad we went. To recap, here are the top five reasons we had a great time this weekend.


1. Action — All of the CrossFitters we’ve met are decisive and dedicated. They don’t dawdle. Before they started CrossFit they were involved in some other daily intensive sport, like gymnastics or pole vaulting, but when they left those sports they didn’t want to give up their hard-earned fitness. Rather than quit or be eaten by the couch, they sought out new ways to keep their bodies in motion. They had a choice to stop moving or keep moving. They made a decision and took action.

2. Performance — Shells are made to handle sweat, stretch, and strain, and we love watching CrossFitters put our product to the test! So many quads came through our booth doubting our fabric’s squat proof claim. But our leggings hold up under pressure. Ya know, like rookie badass Brooke Ence, who went to the Games for the first time and won the Clean and Jerk lifting 242 lbs. That was exciting.

3. Attitude — We talked about this after Regionals, but it bears repeating. For most of the athletes, the competition is not about winning. Sometimes it’s not even about finishing. It’s about showing up and participating to the extent of your abilities. Julie Foucher injured her Achilles’ tendon and lost a chance to go to the Games, but she still did the handstand walks and muscle ups at Regionals. I mean, how much more inspiration do you need?

4. Happiness — In the wise words of Elle Woods: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!”

5. Butts — YUP. In our line of work, we think about butts a lot. Like, way more than the average person. We think about how to make them look good, how to make them feel good. We want the butts in our leggings to be taken care of. So being surrounded by people who proudly work their gluteus to the maximus (and giving them something that fits!) is like a homecoming. And now that we are home, we need to go do some more squats.

IMG_4238           IMG_4265

We’re Going to Regionals!

Calling all action figures, athletes, and fire breathers. Bombsheller wants to meet YOU next weekend at the CrossFit West Regional 2015!

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Box jumping never looked so good.

We’re really excited to spend the weekend with so many amazing athletes. CrossFit is all about pushing your limits and being the best possible version of yourself. We love that, and we can’t wait to get in on the action and cheer everyone on.

Another reason we love CrossFit folks is that they work hard on their bodies and are proud of their muscular physiques. If you want to show the world your amazing quads, we’re here for you! Plus, Shells are squat-proof, so they’re totally opaque, stay where you want them, and wick away moisture while you’re working out.

Want to see for yourself? If you’ve been waiting to try our amazing leggings on in person, here’s your chance!

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Come visit Bombshell Andrea at our booth!

Check out the Action Figure collection of awesomely WOD-worthy leggings and get suited up before the event!

See you in Tacoma, Bombshells!

Shooting Action Figures

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Jazzlyn Stone, reporting for duty.

Hey, Bombshells. Jazzlyn Stone here, reporting for duty. For those keeping a tally, I’m Bombsheller’s resident photographer and I’m taking over the blog to explain the photography and philosophy behind our newest Collection: Action Figure.

A couple of months ago, we noticed that a growing amount of CrossFitters were buying Shells for their workouts. We’ve put our leggings through a lot of physical tests (climbing, silks, dancing) with positive results, so we were excited to learn how they were keeping up with their intense exercise. Through friends, we were introduced to the badass Andrew Bueno, co-owner of Foundation CrossFit in Seattle. Through Andrew, we learned more about the philosophy behind CrossFit and started to see similarities between it and Bombsheller. We wanted to see our leggings in action, so Andrew invited us to watch the Versus VI competition at his gym.

A week later, I found myself descending a delivery driveway into a swarm of buzzing athletes, as Andrew marched between them with a megaphone and a stopwatch, leading the pack. We spotted some of our designs amongst the crowd and were pleased to learn they were keeping up with the grueling workouts. No rolling, not too tight, and they flaunted the muscles these athletes were so proud of. We left knowing we wanted to recreate the energy of the competition in a look book.

I spent the next two months studying and shooting CrossFitters. Working with the talented athletes for our look book (Kristina Lum and Sheena Camagong), I was able to create a lighting design that would best illuminate their muscles but still give them the freedom and range to lift, throw and jump. A couple of examples are highlighted below. (TL;DR, grids and beauty dishes galore!)


Kristina showing us how to climb a rope UPSIDE DOWN in #EverydayMayhem.


Both strips have grids, the light to the left of the camera is on a kicker, the beauty dish is on boom.
ISO 200
Aperture: F/14
Shutter: 1/200
Focal length: 31mm



Sheena kipping in #hypertrophy.


Again, both strip lights have grids, the camera to the left is on a kicker, and the beauty dish is on a boom.
ISO 200
Aperture: F/16
Shutter: 1/200
Focal length: 24mm

My favorite part about our product is seeing what people do with it. Our Shells are beautiful, but they aren’t complete until you put them on and make them move with you. We never would have been introduced to so many amazing athletes if it weren’t for our fans! So keep tagging us in your IG photos, keep reaching out to us with your new favorite place to wear your shells. I love seeing the lives our leggings get to lead out there with you.

Over and Out,

Andrea Vittegleo: CrossFit Bombshell

Bombsheller was founded by a small group of super active people. With rock climbers, aerialists, four or five different varieties of dancers, skiers, hikers, and yogis in our midst, we’re always trying to get our leggings into the hands of folks that love to move. Our latest Bombshell? The elegantly hardcore Andrea Vittegleo.

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, weight, lifting, deadlift

Andrea in #HummingbirdsDelight by Nestlife Collective

I’m not kidding when I say Andrea is a force to be reckoned with. I once watched her lift The Hot Little Boss over her head like she was a broomstick. (Very inspiring.) How’d she get so badass?

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Andrea is wearing #Titania by P.H Diniz and Hot Little Boss is wearing #SplashFlame by Eva Fury

Andrea has always been athletic. “I started gymnastics at the age of three and continued in the sport through college,” she tells me. “I have done yoga, traditional gym memberships…but I never felt challenged enough and always got bored after a while.”

Four years ago, Andrea started doing CrossFit and has been hooked ever since. “Growing up as a competitive gymnast, I always had a coach dictate what I do and correct how I move my body. It’s something I thrive on and CrossFit gives that to me.”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, rope, climbing

Climbing in #FeatherLight by Cybele Olsen

Part of the appeal of CrossFit is the community. Andrea puts it this way, “CrossFit makes me feel like I have a place where I belong; a sense of purpose. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive that it makes it seem like anything is possible. I feel like a machine!”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Andrea balancing in #KoiSchoolofFish by 179

“I know what I need to do to meet my goals, and I know that I have to put in the work to see results. When I am done with a lifting session or a workout, whether I did well or not, I feel like it’s part of my journey to become the healthiest version of myself possible.”

Andrea is crazy fit and healthy, but she has a tough time shopping for clothes. “I can never find jeans or pants that fit my thighs and my waist,” she says. “If they are big enough to fit my legs into, they’re generally four inches too big in the waist.”

Apparently this is a common problem for folks who do a lot of CrossFit. Andrea says it’s discouraging. “I work hard on my strength, which translates to having bigger legs. In this society, having bigger legs usually means having a bigger waist. I love that Bombsheller leggings allow me to show off my hard work and that they fit me so well.”

athlete, tights, crazy, colorful, cross train, jump

Our leggings love you, too, Andrea! Yet another triumph for spandex.

CrossFit Leggings: Lucas Gets Tough

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few months talking about yoga. While I’ve been busy downward-dogging, my friend (and fellow Bombsheller team member) Lucas was starting a new adventure of his own.

Leggings, Crossfit, fitness, exercise, tights, mens, men's

Lucas pumping iron at CrossFit in #DiamondFadeDark

Lucas is one of the web developers at Bombsheller and has also designed some pretty awesome leggings for us just using code! (Check them out, they’re rad.) Adding to his arsenal of awesomeness, Lucas started doing CrossFit recently and offered to share some of his experiences with all of you out there in blog-land. 

“I was surprised at how super supportive everyone is,” he told me. “There was no whip-cracking, hard-ass mentality. I  had never dead-lifted with weights before and didn’t have a lot of experience in the gym when I started.”

Lucas reports that the coaches are there to provide positive reinforcement, and that the emphasis is really on self-improvement and pushing yourself to your own personal limits. “I always walk out of there feeling like I did something awesomely hard with my body,” he says. “I push my limits every time.”

Leggings, Crossfit, fitness, exercise, tights, mens, men's

Training for the heavy weights.

I (Amanda, Queen of The Blog), always thought CrossFit ascribed to a “drop and give me 20” military attitude. Lucas found out first hand that this is definitely not the case. “Everyone is always cheering you on,” he tells me. “Especially if you’re the last to finish (which probably means you’re working the hardest). No one walks out of there hanging their head.” 

Lucas will check back in about his CrossFit Escapades as he keeps training. For those of you wondering where that gorgeous gym is, it’s CrossFit Belltown here in the Emerald City.