Invading the Uptown Art Walk

The Bombsheller team had a fantastic time hanging out and wreaking havoc at the Uptown Art Walk this week. The Art Walk happens every third Wednesday in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. It features local artists and businesses, free snacks (!!!), live music, arts and crafts, and more.

Since we’re located right in the heart of Uptown, we were invited to join the party. Here are a few highlights from the event.

Bombsheller, leggings, women's leggings, art, art walk, Seattle

Loving legs and loving leggings.


Bombsheller, leggings, women's leggings, Enfu

We got new stickers! Don’t they look awesome fanned out across those Enfu leggings?


Leggings, women's leggings, seattle

Leggings battle on the patio!


Leggings, Women's leggings, seattle, art walk

Our very own Hot Little Boss stretching out.

In case anyone was wondering, we definitely had fun! Also, for those of you following along at home, Hot Little Boss is wearing #TribalSkull and Dinah is rocking #UrbanJungle.

Artist Spotlight: Enfu

Enfu, leggings, art leggings, kawaii

Leggings designed by Enfu

Seattle-based illustrator and kawaii extraordinaire Enfu was one of the first artists that collaborated with us. Inspired by his Japanese-American heritage, Enfu’s colorful and highly detailed pop art marries cutesy drawings of sushi rolls and cuddly animals with skulls, zombies, and cyborgs. The resulting designs are both fanciful and edgy, a style that Enfu has dubbed “cute grit.” More than his signature aesthetic, Cute Grit is also the name for his upcoming book, a technicolor explosion of squee-worthy digital designs that is soon to be  released by Chin Music Press.


Enfu, Cute Grit, Leggings, Graphic, Illustration

Enfu: Cute Grit, released by Chin Music Press


Check out Enfu’s leggings to see just how his designs ride the line between kawaii sweetness and sci-fi macabre.


graphic leggings, art leggings, leggings, Enfu, kawaii leggings, tights

Cute by deadly! Enfu’s #MiniSkullsSpacey leggings

leggings, graphic leggings, enfu, cards, aces

Get your poker face on in Enfu’s #CardsRoyal