Happy Birthday Bowie!

aka All Hail to the Power of Leggings 

Seattle is a fantastic, and as you’ll soon discover, a fantastical dimension where creatives of all stripes, and innovative startups of every iteration, conspire and thrive, immeasurably due to the powers of the galactic fashion icon David Bowie, whose 67th birthday, may his legend live into infinity and beyond, is today.

Contrary to popular belief, the emerald city’s collective creative aplomb derives its artrepreneurial spirit not exclusively from artists forced to shelter from the rain in their atelie-lairs…or art studios.

No, Seattle is a hothouse of artistic innovation, like Bombsheller’s badass hi-res on-demand personalized garment manufacturing, thanks to the rich local “leggingacy”….aka leggings legacy, that we Seattleites were destined to share, the paragon of which is currently on exhibition, potentially into perpetuity if you believe the Experience Music Project box office, behind whatever kind of protective glass protects innocent babysitters and their younger siblings from the evil powers of Goblin Kings.

Bowie's Labyrinth leggings currently on display at Seattle's Experience Music Project

Bowie’s Labyrinth leggings currently on display at Seattle’s Experience Music Project

 Jareth’s leggings.  David Bowie’s meggings.  They are one and the same, and together, as one, then two, and one again, their significance transcends both man and myth.  They are legendary.  An enduring emblem of the infamous day Bowie slipped on Seattle’s grey sky, one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.  Who, as if by magic, have all been given special powers to slip on legends of our own…to become, according to Diffin, the “actual cultural heros with imaginative elements” we’ve all been waiting for.

Bombsheller has launched off on an epic journey to bring tight bods everywhere, the personalized leggings they’ve been craving.  From right here in Seattle, we’ve eliminated the fashion industry Labyrinth, by making it simple to upload an image of your artwork into our leggings template.  We take care of the rest.  Your designs are posted on our site for visitors to purchase, you retain the rights to your designs, and receive a portion of the sales.  More importantly, your designs will be worn, not by a generously endowed mannequin with a rocker mullet, but by actual fashion forward humanoids.  Ready to turn the fashion world upside down?

“It’s a Bombsheller leggings template.  Nothing more.  But if you turn it this way and look into it…it’ll show you your dreams.” -Jareth

Learn what it takes to get started.

Upload your design.

Be cool.

props to Gail Worley via the Worleygig for the pic.

Visit Bowie’s leggings at the Experience Music Project’s Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic.

“You have no power over me.” – said Sarah to the fashion powers that used to be.